Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Photography

Has anybody else noticed how ridiculously expensive wedding photogaphers are?
I agree that photography is definitely something not to skimp on, but I just can't believe anyone would pay between $4,000-$8,000 dollars! I have done a bit of research for experienced photographers in the Valley who charge less than $1,000.
Jennifer Weems Photography

Jennifer Weems offers a "Duchess" package for $995! This includes 5 hours of wedding day coverage, a CD of all your images, and more. Take a look at her galleries and see what you think!

Jennifer Lind Schutsky Photography

Jennifer Lind Schutsky's wedding package is a flat rate of $1,000. It includes 8-10 hours of shooting and 2 photographers instead of just one!

St.Anne Photography

St.Anne's photography is bursting with style. You have to call for a quote, but judging from the prices of her engagement session ($150 with a wedding!) it's going to be a steal.

Lisa Eley Photography

OK this photographer is a little more than $1,000, $1195 for the first package, BUT all packages include a free engagement session and a cd of all images. If that is something you're seriously considering, then check out her lovely photos.

I hope this helps everyone with their search for an affordable photographer! If anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to comment! = )

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